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Accruing Atmosphere


The research consists of my thesis undertaken in fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Architecture Degree at Auburn University. It synthesizes my broader research and explorations into a single project. It is divided into three exploration, which culminate in a final thesis project, titled Weathered Masses. These explorations are: Impressions, Precedents, and Research. Impressions deals with theories surrounding atmosphere, its definitions, and the categories or types of atmosphere. Precedents looks at the dominant subcategories of atmosphere within the field of architecture, both built and theoretical. In research, sculptures and models are used to experiment with the intersection of nature and human intervention. Experiments were conducted which asked how, as architects and designers of space, can we create conditions which facilitate the generation ands perpetuation of atmosphere.  Atmosphere defines the experience of architecture. These explorations explore how atmospheric qualities build over time, and the role of the architect in creating conditions in which they can accrue. 


Accruing Atmosphere




Justin Miller


Thesis Essay


Auburn University  ·  ARCH 5991

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