Map of Columbus

Macro and Micro Context

The site is located in the larger metropolitan area containing Auburn, Opelika, and Columbus. Additionally, it is oriented along a major historic and cultural axis along the riverfront. The subdued material palette is locally sourced.

Urban Artery

The project frames the entry to the park, and its forms are replicated across the landscape. It is mirrored by the repurposed City Mills buildings to the North.

Music Studio

Pairing acoustic and visual reflection. The pool serves as a privacy barrier between performers and walkers.


Early studies in section and elevation. Originally graphite on trace measuring 12" x 36" each.

Materials and techniques were implemented which mature over time.



The steel volumes of the studios frame one end of the park, while city mills holds the other edge.

Mystery is prioritized over views to the interior. The skin is pulled back or punctured in a handful of moments to permit daylight.




The material palette is limited in scope but rich in texture. The manner in which deposits accrue and mark surrounding materials were tested in the material tested described in the previous section. This reduction in palette places emphasis on the imperfections and weathering patterns that emerge over time.


Overlapping Axes

The project can be experienced in multiple ways, and each avenue of access permits views of the others.